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If you are interested in a foal or would like to choose a particular breeding for 2023 please get in touch! 

We have one, possibly 2 mares left to foal for 2022


Walnut Hill's Storm Chaser (Chase) Misty descendant, Chincoteague Pony gelding. Not yet started under saddle but has good ground manners and is easy to work with. He is close to 15 hands and stocky. If I had more time I would keep him for myself.

2022 Filly

Misty descendant born February 4th.  Will probably mature to 13-13.1 hands

Misty's Ice Storm X Chincoteague's Cocoa Latte

2022 Filly

Misty descendant born April 18th.  Filly will mature around 14 hands.

Desi X Mystic

2022 Filly-pending

1/2 Chincoteague Pony, Misty descendant, born April 1st.

Misty's Ice Storm X Butters

2022 Filly-Sold

Misty descendant 1/2 Chincoteague Pony born May 24th

Misty's Ice Storm X Gabby (Mustang)

2022 Colt

Misty descendant born May 26th.  Has a blue eye, will likely mature to 14-14.1 hands.

Misty's Ice Storm X Lacey

2021 Filly

Sparkle was born August 28, 2021.  She is a Misty descendant and will likely mature around 13.2 hands.  She is super sweet and the first to come and greet you!

Misty's Ice Storm X Island Atlantis